The Nest is an utility Structure of the Zerg. Both Zerg start with 6 Nests. More can be build by the Drone. A Nest creates a huge circular creep area to build Spawner, Spine Crawler or Mineral Extractor onto.

The Nest is the only Structure which can train Infestor.

As a defensive mechanism, the Nest can shoot an Absorbing Cloud, creating an AoE which causes enemies inside to loose 2 energy/second and movement speed.

If a Nest is killed by a terran player, he will be granted a Buggo spawning from the dead Nest. This Buggo has 30 seconds of invulnerability, which can be used to save it from the Zerg player.

Each Buggo gives to a Terran player 2 gas every 5 seconds, which is approximately equivalent to a Refinery income

Panel Edit

  • W: Absorbing Cloud (cooldown : 90sec / charge, 3 charges)
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