The Map has a hexagonal shape (hence the name). In the center (marked in purple) is the Zerg Base. Around the Zerg Base is a neutral area (in green). In the corners at the outermost area are the 6 Terran Bases.

Detailed map

Zerg Base

The Zerg Base consists of two levels, the low ground and the high ground. The creep is spread from The Hives, Nests and Creep Tumors.

High Ground

In the center is the high ground with two Hives (one for each Zerg). 2 ramps (located north and south) connect the high ground with the low ground and are protected by 2 Large Spine Crawlers.

Zerg high ground

Low Ground

The low ground has two layers. The inner layer consists of 6 Nests and 8 Large Spine Crawlers. The outer layer consists of a set of initial structures (referred to as the subbase), located next to each Terran base,

And lastly, Tumors are placed between those subbases (11 in total).

Should a Terran fail to connect, or leave very early, then balancing countermeasures jump in. The Zerg spawners, as well as the 2 Mineral Extractors, are removed from the corresponding subbase and the Zerg loses 1/3rd of his Supply.

Neutral Area


The neutral area mainly provides space for the Terran to expand into, though both the Terran and Zerg may build there. It is the most important area for the Terran, as he can gather a lot of gas and construct space consuming buildings for a strong economy.

For each Terran Base there are 3 Vespene Geysers just outside their base.

Between the Terran Bases are additional Vespene Geysers, which are occupied by Geyser Blockers. The Geyser Blocker grants a large vision radius for the Zerg, though it does not generate any gas for the Zerg.


In the west and the south of the map is a high ground area (bridge). It is frequently used to hide Terran Economy.

Terran Base

Terran base
The Terran Base consists of three areas, the low ground, the high ground and the blocked area.

Low Ground

The narrow low ground consists of two gates and is the only exit / entrance to the Terran base. It is surrounded by high ground and connected by a broad ramp. due to how narrow it is, there exist various strategies which the Terrans can employ to Turtle.

High Ground

The high ground consists of the base structures (Generator, Command Center, Barracks) and a little space to construct more buildings.

Blocked Area


More space to construct structures, and more importantly a Vespene Geyser, can be found in the rear of the base. It is blocked by an armor 1 Rock with 3000hp. 

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