The Armory is a Terran structure used to research upgrades. It can be built by the Builder. The armory provides +1 damage and +2 range buff to nearby units.

Research Edit

From upper left to lower right,

  • Overcharge: (50 gas) Doubles the attack speed of all Marine types for 5 seconds. Cooldown 30 seconds
  • Energy Conservation: Improves energy efficiency of the Marines effectively increasing the number of shots that can be fired for the same energy cost. Percentages in total efficiency.
  • Instant Discharge: (50 gas): Enables Shock Troopers to use the instant Discharge ability, a long range single target ability dealing 80 damage.
  • Shock Beam: (200 gas) Enables Shock Trooper to fire in a constant beam, effectively increasing attack speed by 100%. 
  • Shattering Laser: (200 gas) Marine laser weapons shatter to up to 2 more nearby targets dealing 30% of full damage.
    • Deflective Shatter: (600 gas) Marine laser weapon shatter to up to 2 nearby targets, now dealing full damage.
  • Combat Shield : (200 gas) Upgrades the shield of Veteran and Elite Marines .
  • Penetrating Laser: (250 gas) Gives +1 damage to Marine laser weapons
  • Mobile Squad Training : (50 minerals, 100 gas) Allow Marines to be promoted anywhere on the map instead of having to be near the Barracks .
  • Elite Scope: (800 gas) Increases the damage, range and vision of Elite Marines by +1
  • And lastly the Self-Destruct. Free if you use now! If you use now, free explosion graphics included!

Tips and Tricks Edit

  • Inside the Terran Base: Don't place it on the High Ground next to the entrance of your Base, since it can easily be sniped by Hydralisk attacks. Rather place it somewhere around your Command Center
  • Outside: Due to the aura, it is best to place it at the edge of your base where most of the Zergs units are coming. This reduces Energy consumption (due to more efficient kills) and increased the strength of the frontline where it is placed at.
  • If placed far forward enough, the range buff enables Marines to out-range the spine. Meaning a safe, early spine kill and the ability to push the spawners behind it.
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